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Spring Framework Training Course Details

Total Modules: 49

Introduction to Spring Framework

Training Video 1 - Spring Framework Basics

right_icon2Java Spring Web Project Basics - Part 1

  • Topics
  • What is a Spring framework?
  • What are the main characteristics of Spring framework?
  • What is spring MVC and what does an MVC architecture mean in itself?
  • What does a bean mean in java web based programming?
  • What is the programming difference between POJO and a Java Bean?
  • What is a Serializable interface?
  • Why does a bean need to have no-arg constructor?
  • What is the technical meaning of context plain-vanilla Java Bean & plain-vanilla Java Class?
  • what does attributes like @Entity and @Id mean and how are they related to Java Bean and how are they used?
  • What are the advantages of using java bean?
  • What does terms like DTO, POCO, BO and DAO mean, how do they differ from each other and when do we need them in java based application?

Training Video 2 - Spring Framework Basics

right_icon2Java Spring Web Project Basics - Part 2

  • Topics
  • What is the differences between library and a framework?
  • What is a container(spring IoC Container)?
  • In a typical Spring MVC project, do we have two "containers": One created by ContextLoaderListener and the other created by DispatchServlet, if yes what do they do and do we really need two "containers" as part of single java based project?
  • What is a context?
  • How does spring IoC container differs from a servlet container?
  • What does root-context.xml and servlet-context.xml files do and when do we need them?
  • Do we need to have both files "root-context.xml and servlet-context.xml" present as part of every java web based project?
  • What does ApplicationContext, ContextLoaderListener and DispatcherServlet APIs do?
  • How does APIs like ApplicationContext, ContextLoaderListener and DispatcherServlet relate to container where our application code is deployed?

Training Video 3 - Spring Framework Basics

right_icon2Java Spring Web Project Basics - Part 3

  • Topics
  • What is a Maven tool?
  • How does Spring framework and Maven tool work together to build java web based application?
  • What is pom.xml file?
  • What are the different tags that are used as part of pom.xml file and what do they mean?
  • How different configurations are being set as part of pom.xml file?
  • What all versions of spring is there and which version should be used or is most stable with all other 3rd party libraries or with all other java libraries?
  • What does Log4J, SLFJ and Commons Logging jar files do and how logging is done as part of java web based application?
  • Create a simple spring based application to have a know off how business logic will be coded and applications are made?
  • What does Log4J, SLFJ and Commons Logging jars do and how logging is done as part of java web based application?
  • Are logging properties set using properties as well XML file?
  • How to use logging properties are being used in the project?
  • What does properties type INFO, WARN, ERROR etc do and which one should be used?

Overview of some Java Design and Best Practices

Training Video 4

right_icon2Coupling Concepts

  • Topics
  • What does coupling mean in spring framework based java application?
  • What is loose coupling and what does spring framework offer so as not to have components coupled as part of java based application?
  • What is tight coupling and should the same be avoided as part of java based applications?
  • What are the advantages when different components aren't coupled in java based application?

Training Video 5

right_icon2Starting with the Spring Framework

  • Topics
  • Setting Up Maven Dependencies for the Spring Framework
  • Introduction to Spring Container Configuration in XML
  • Using the Spring Container
  • The getBean methods
  • Setter Injection
  • Introduction to Constructor Injection
  • Constructor Injection Argument Resolution

Core Technologies

Training Video 6

right_icon2Dependency Injection - Collections

  • Topics
  • Injecting Collections Part 1 Arrays
  • Container overview
  • Configuration metadata
  • Instantiating a container
  • Composing XML-based configuration metadata
  • Using the container

Training Video 7

right_icon2Container Extension Points

  • Topics
  • Customizing beans using a BeanPostProcessor
  • Example: Hello World, BeanPostProcessor-style
  • Example: The RequiredAnnotationBeanPostProcessor
  • Customizing configuration metadata with a BeanFactoryPostProcessor
  • Example: the Class name substitution PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
  • Example: the PropertyOverrideConfigurer
  • Customizing instantiation logic with a FactoryBean

Training Video 2 - Part J

right_icon2Java-based container configuration

  • Topics
  • Basic concepts: @Bean and @Configuration
  • Instantiating the Spring container using AnnotationConfigApplicationContext
  • Simple construction
  • Building the container programmatically using register(Class…​)
  • Enabling component scanning with scan(String…​)
  • Support for web applications with AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext
  • Using the @Bean annotation
  • Declaring a bean
  • Bean dependencies
  • Receiving lifecycle callbacks
  • Specifying bean scope
  • Customizing bean naming
  • Bean aliasing
  • Bean description
  • Using the @Configuration annotation
  • Injecting inter-bean dependencies
  • Lookup method injection
  • Further information about how Java-based configuration works internally
  • Composing Java-based configurations
  • Using the @Import annotation
  • Conditionally include @Configuration classes or @Bean methods
  • Combining Java and XML configuration

Training Video 2 - Part B

right_icon2Bean overview

  • Topics
  • Naming beans
  • Aliasing a bean outside the bean definition
  • Instantiating beans
  • Instantiation with a constructor
  • Instantiation with a static factory method
  • Instantiation using an instance factory method

Training Video 2 - Part G

right_icon2Annotation-based container configuration

  • Topics
  • @Required
  • @Autowired
  • Fine-tuning annotation-based autowiring with @Primary
  • Fine-tuning annotation-based autowiring with qualifiers
  • Using generics as autowiring qualifiers
  • CustomAutowireConfigurer
  • @Resource
  • @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy

Training Video 2 - Part K

right_icon2Environment abstraction

  • Topics
  • Bean definition profiles
  • @Profile
  • XML bean definition profiles
  • Activating a profile
  • Default profile
  • PropertySource abstraction
  • @PropertySource
  • Placeholder resolution in statements
  • Registering a LoadTimeWeaver

Training Video 2 - Part C


  • Topics
  • Dependency Injection
  • Constructor-based dependency injection
  • Setter-based dependency injection
  • Dependency resolution process
  • Examples of dependency injection
  • Dependencies and configuration in detail
  • Straight values (primitives, Strings, and so on)
  • References to other beans (collaborators)
  • Inner beans
  • Collections
  • Null and empty string values
  • XML shortcut with the p-namespace
  • XML shortcut with the c-namespace
  • Compound property names
  • Using depends-on
  • Lazy-initialized beans
  • Autowiring collaborators
  • Limitations and disadvantages of autowiring
  • Excluding a bean from autowiring
  • Method injection
  • Lookup method injection
  • Arbitrary method replacement

Training Video 2 - Part H

right_icon2Classpath scanning and managed components

  • Topics
  • @Component and further stereotype annotations
  • Meta-annotations
  • Automatically detecting classes and registering bean definitions
  • Using filters to customize scanning
  • Defining bean metadata within components
  • Naming autodetected components
  • Providing a scope for autodetected components
  • Providing qualifier metadata with annotations

Training Video 2 - Part L

right_icon2Additional Capabilities of the ApplicationContext

  • Topics
  • Standard and Custom Events
  • Annotation-based Event Listeners
  • Asynchronous Listeners
  • Ordering Listeners
  • Generic Events
  • Convenient access to low-level resources
  • Convenient ApplicationContext instantiation for web applications
  • Deploying a Spring ApplicationContext as a Java EE RAR file

Training Video 2 - Part D

right_icon2Bean scopes

  • Topics
  • The singleton scope
  • The prototype scope
  • Singleton beans with prototype-bean dependencies
  • Request, session, application, and WebSocket scopes
  • Initial web configuration
  • Request scope
  • Session scope
  • Application scope
  • Scoped beans as dependencies
  • Custom scopes
  • Creating a custom scope
  • Using a custom scope

Training Video 2 - Part I

right_icon2Using JSR Standard Annotations

  • Topics
  • Dependency Injection with @Inject and @Named
  • @Named: a standard equivalent to the @Component annotation
  • Limitations of JSR- standard annotations

Training Video 2 - Part M

right_icon2The BeanFactory

  • Topics
  • BeanFactory or ApplicationContext?
  • Glue code and the evil singleton

Training Video 2 - Part E

right_icon2Customizing the nature of a bean

  • Topics
  • Lifecycle callbacks
  • Initialization callbacks
  • Destruction callbacks
  • Default initialization and destroy methods
  • Combining lifecycle mechanisms
  • Startup and shutdown callbacks
  • Shutting down the Spring IoC container gracefully in non-web applications
  • ApplicationContextAware and BeanNameAware
  • Other Aware interfaces
  • Bean definition inheritance


Training Video 3 - Part A

right_icon2Built-in Resource implementations

  • Topics
  • The Resource interface
  • UrlResource
  • ClassPathResource
  • FileSystemResource
  • ServletContextResource
  • InputStreamResource
  • ByteArrayResource
  • The ResourceLoader
  • The ResourceLoaderAware interface
  • Resources as dependencies

Training Video 3 - Part B

right_icon2Application contexts and Resource paths

  • Topics
  • Constructing application contexts
  • Constructing ClassPathXmlApplicationContext instances - shortcuts
  • Wildcards in application context constructor resource paths
  • Ant-style Patterns
  • The Classpath*: portability classpath*: prefix
  • Other notes relating to wildcards
  • FileSystemResource caveats

Validation, Data Binding and Type Conversion

Training Video 4 - Part A

right_icon2Validation, Data Binding and Type Conversion

  • Topics
  • Validation using Spring’s Validator interface
  • Resolving codes to error messages
  • Setting and getting basic and nested properties
  • Built-in PropertyEditor implementations
  • Registering additional custom PropertyEditors

Training Video 4 - Part C

right_icon2Spring Field Formatting

  • Topics
  • Formatter SPI
  • Annotation-driven Formatting
  • Format Annotation API
  • FormatterRegistry SPI
  • FormatterRegistrar SPI
  • Configuring Formatting in Spring MVC
  • Configuring a global date & time format

Training Video 4 - Part D

right_icon2Spring Validation

  • Topics
  • Overview of the JSR- Bean Validation API
  • Configuring a Bean Validation Provider
  • Injecting a Validator
  • Configuring Custom Constraints
  • Spring-driven Method Validation
  • Additional Configuration Options
  • Configuring a DataBinder
  • Spring MVC Validation

Training Video 4 - Part B

right_icon2Spring Type Conversion

  • Topics
  • Converter SPI
  • ConverterFactory
  • GenericConverter
  • ConditionalGenericConverter
  • ConversionService API
  • Configuring a ConversionService
  • Using a ConversionService programmatically

Spring Expression Language (SpEL)

Training Video 5 - Part A

right_icon2Expression Evaluation using Spring’s Expression Interface

  • Topics
  • The EvaluationContext interface
  • Type Conversion
  • Parser configuration
  • SpEL compilation
  • Compiler configuration
  • Compiler limitations

Training Video 5 - Part B

right_icon2Expression support for defining bean definitions

  • Topics
  • XML based configuration
  • Annotation-based configuration

Training Video 5 - Part C

right_icon2Language Reference

  • Topics
  • Literal expressions
  • Properties, Arrays, Lists, Maps, Indexers
  • Inline lists
  • Inline Maps
  • Array construction
  • Methods
  • Operators
  • Relational operators
  • Logical operators
  • Mathematical operators
  • Assignment
  • Types
  • Constructors
  • Variables
  • The #this and #root variables
  • Functions
  • Bean references
  • Ternary Operator (If-Then-Else)
  • The Elvis Operator
  • Safe Navigation operator
  • Collection Selection
  • Collection Projection
  • Expression templating
  • Classes used in the examples

Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring

Training Video 6 - Part A

right_icon2@AspectJ support

  • Topics
  • Enabling @AspectJ Support
  • Enabling @AspectJ Support with Java configuration
  • Enabling @AspectJ Support with XML configuration
  • Declaring an aspect
  • Declaring a pointcut
  • Supported Pointcut Designators
  • Combining pointcut expressions
  • Sharing common pointcut definitions
  • Examples
  • Writing good pointcuts
  • Declaring advice
  • Before advice
  • After returning advice
  • After throwing advice
  • After (finally) advice
  • Around advice
  • Advice parameters
  • Advice ordering
  • Aspect instantiation models
  • Example

Training Video 6 - Part C

right_icon2Choosing which AOP declaration style to use

  • Topics
  • Spring AOP or full AspectJ?
  • @AspectJ or XML for Spring AOP?
  • Mixing aspect types
  • Proxying mechanisms
  • Understanding AOP proxies

Training Video 6 - Part D

right_icon2Programmatic creation of @AspectJ Proxies

  • Topics
  • Using AspectJ with Spring applications
  • Using AspectJ to dependency inject domain objects with Spring
  • Unit testing @Configurable objects
  • Working with multiple application contexts
  • Other Spring aspects for AspectJ
  • Configuring AspectJ aspects using Spring IoC
  • Load-time weaving with AspectJ in the Spring Framework
  • A first example
  • Aspects
  • META-INF/aopxml'
  • Required libraries (JARS)
  • Spring configuration
  • Environment-specific configuration

Training Video 6 - Part B

right_icon2Schema-based AOP support

  • Topics
  • Declaring an aspect
  • Declaring a pointcut
  • Declaring advice
  • Before advice
  • After returning advice
  • After throwing advice
  • After (finally) advice
  • Around advice
  • Advice parameters
  • Advice ordering
  • Aspect instantiation models
  • Advisors
  • Example

Spring AOP API's

Training Video 7 - Part A

right_icon2Pointcut API in Spring

  • Topics
  • Concepts
  • Operations on pointcuts
  • AspectJ expression pointcuts
  • Convenience pointcut implementations
  • Static pointcuts
  • Dynamic pointcuts
  • Pointcut superclasses
  • Custom pointcuts

Training Video 7 - Part C

right_icon2Advisor API in Spring

  • Topics
  • Using the ProxyFactoryBean to create AOP proxies
  • Basics
  • JavaBean properties
  • JDK- and CGLIB-based proxies
  • Proxying interfaces
  • Proxying classes
  • Using 'global' advisors
  • Concise proxy definitions
  • Creating AOP proxies programmatically with the ProxyFactory
  • Manipulating advised objects

Training Video 7 - Part E

right_icon2Using TargetSources

  • Topics
  • Hot swappable target sources
  • Pooling target sources
  • Prototype target sources
  • ThreadLocal target sources
  • Defining new Advice types

Training Video 7 - Part B

right_icon2Advice API in Spring

  • Topics
  • Advice lifecycles
  • Advice types in Spring
  • Interception around advice
  • Before advice
  • Throws advice
  • After Returning advice

Training Video 7 - Part D

right_icon2Using the "auto-proxy" facility

  • Topics
  • Autoproxy bean definitions
  • BeanNameAutoProxyCreator
  • DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator
  • AbstractAdvisorAutoProxyCreator
  • Using metadata-driven auto-proxying

Spring Testing

Training Video 8 - Part A

right_icon2Unit Testing

  • Topics
  • Mock Objects
  • Environment
  • JNDI
  • Servlet API
  • Unit Testing support Classes
  • General testing utilities
  • Spring MVC

Training Video 8 - Part C

right_icon2Spring TestContext Framework

  • Topics
  • Key abstractions
  • TestContext
  • TestContextManager
  • TestExecutionListener
  • Context Loaders
  • Bootstrapping the TestContext framework
  • TestExecutionListener configuration
  • Registering custom TestExecutionListeners
  • Automatic discovery of default TestExecutionListeners
  • Ordering TestExecutionListeners
  • Merging TestExecutionListeners
  • Context management
  • Context configuration with XML resources

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