Spring Framework Training
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All Advanced Java Concepts

Training Video - 1

Duration 1 hr 20 mins

Server Setup, Servlets, HTML-Servlet Workflow, web.xml and HttpServlets Methods

  • Environment Set up - Tomcat/JBoss and Eclipse STS IDE Setup
  • Run tomcat/jboss localhost home page in browser for successful server start up verification
  • Servlet Definition, Servlet Creation and Servlet Execution on server
  • urlPattern attribute and HttpServlet API with all its methods
  • HTML page creation, Servlet-HTML work flow with examples and project
  • web.xml or Deployment Descriptor file, what all this file has, how this file is important and how and when everything needs to be configured as part of this very file

Training Video - 2

Duration 1 hrs 30 mins

Servlet Methods, HttpSession and ServletContext

  • Differences between doGet and doPost method and which method of HttpServlet API is used when?
  • What is form tag as part of HTML and what are its different attributes that work with Servlets/JSPs?
  • Workflow between HTML/JSP and Servlets
  • HttpSession API, when do we use this and how do we use this - Importance of Session Management
  • In how many ways can we manage session and how do we save data as part of session and how and where does HttpSession actually help?
  • ServletContext API: When do we use this API and how do we use this API
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Training Video - 3

Duration 3 hrs 12 mins

JSP Explanation, JSP Tags and JSP Implicit Objects

  • JSP(Java Serves Pages) Explanation
  • Differences between JSP and Servlet and Advantages of JSP over Servlet
  • JSP Scripting Elements(Scriplets, Expressions and Declaration) and Usage
  • Work flow between JSP scripting elements
  • 9 JSP implicit objects- What are they and how are they used individually
  • Java Server Page Scopes- What are they and when each of them is used

Training Video - 4

Duration 2 hrs

JSTL, TagLib and Custom Tags

  • JSTL Explanation
  • JSTL APIs and Libraries - What are they and how are they used?
  • JSP custom tags and JSP TagLib Directive
  • Configuration of custom tags in web.xml
  • MVC Architecture Explanation
  • MVC Project using database, servlets and jsp(all combined)

Annotations and APIs - @RequestMapping, @RequestParam, @PathVariable, @ResponseBody, @Controller, context:component-scan, mvc:annotation-config, context:annotation-driven, InternalResourceViewResolver, DispatcherServlet, ModelAndView, Log4j

Training Video - 5

Duration 1 hrs 20 mins

Spring Framework Concepts

  • Dependency Injection(DI) Design Pattern Explanation
  • Dependency Injection(DI) and Spring Framework Relation
  • Ioc(Inversion of Control) Design Pattern and Ioc-DI Relation
  • Characteristics of Spring Framework
  • Maven tool- Why it is used and how it is used
  • Different attributes of Maven tool and how this tool helps in building web application

Training Video - 6

Duration 2 hrs 5 mins

Java Bean, UseBean, Serialization, Annotations, DTO, BO and DAO

  • Java Bean Explanation and Advantages and Disadvantage of using Java Bean
  • Serializable Interface - Explain Serialization and DeSerialization with the help of Java Project
  • What are annotations and how many different kinds of annotations are there?
  • Terms like DAO, BO and DTO as part of java web based project
  • Annotations(@Retention, @Documented, @Target, @Inherited, @Deprecated, @Override and @SuppressWarnings) Explanation with Project
  • POJO Explanation and Difference between POJO and JavaBean

Training Video - 7

Duration 1 hour 40 mins

@RequestMapping, @RequestParam, @PathVariable, @ResponseBody, InternalResourceView Resolver and DispatcherServlet

  • @RequestMapping annotation - How it is used to map specific request handler method or class
  • @RequestParam annotation - How it is used with @RequestMapping annotation
  • @ResponseBody annotation - When it is used and how does it work with @RequestMapping annotation
  • @PathVariable annotation - When it is used and how does it work with @RequestMapping annotation
  • InternalResourceViewResolver API - What does it do, where it is configured and how does it locate jsp file to use on the browser
  • DispatcherServlet API - What does it do and where is configured and how does it work?

Training Video - 8

Duration 1 hour 20 mins

@Controller, ModelAndView API, context:component-scan, mvc:annotation-config and context:annotation-driven configurations

  • @Controller Annotation - why, when and how do use it
  • ModelAndView API - why, when and how do use it
  • context:component-scan, mvc:annotation-config and context:annotation-driven configurations meaning - why, when and how do use it
  • Sample project explaining the entire workflow with every concept included discussed till now

Training Video - 9

Duration 1 hour 40 mins

Log4j Configuration in Projects

  • slf4j artifact id/ jar file - why do we use it and how does it work
  • commons-logging artifact id/ jar file - why do we use it and how does it work
  • Layout, Appender and Level API - how does it work and when do we need to set this
  • BasicConfigurator, PropertyConfigurator and DOMConfigurator APIs - how do we use these APIs and they do they work to get logging as part of project
  • Different level of logging - Order of these levels(debug, info, warn, error and fatal) in web based project logging
  • Setting log4j properties using xml and java

Training Video - 10

Duration 1 hrs 10 mins

MVC Project

  • Create MVC Project

Spring Framework Core Concepts and Framework Exception Handling

Training Video - 11

Duration 1 hour 30 mins

Coupling Concepts - Spring Bean Configuration File

  • Coupling- what is coupling, what is hard coupling and low coupling and why there should be no coupling in projects
  • Business relationship classes or model business objects or business entities - static coupling examples within project
  • Architectural infrastructure type classes - Examples of coupling between them
  • Programming through interfaces
  • Object Factory to reduce coupling in projects

Training Video - 12

Duration 1 hour 20 mins

Dependency Injection Concepts

  • Dependency Injection(DI) design pattern- what does it do and how does it work
  • Bean configuration file - how do we create it, when do we create it and how does it work
  • Property tag or constructor ref tag - how do they work and when do we them
  • Namespace Addition, XSD Addition in Bean configuration file
  • beans top most root tag and other different specifications
  • Advantages of DI design pattern

Training Video - 13

Duration 1 hour 30 mins

Arrays, List and Map Handing In Frameworks

  • Setter and Constructor based dependency injection - Project Execution with both
  • Setter DI using property tag and private fields
  • constructor-ref, index, value and ref attribute as part of bean configuration xml file
  • Handle Arrays through bean configuration xml file directly
  • Handle List interface implementation classes directly through bean configuration xml file
  • Handle Map interface implementation classes directly through bean configuration xml file

Training Video - 14

Duration 1 hr

ClassPathXmlApplicationContext and AbstractApplicationContext APIs

  • ClassPathXmlApplicationContext and AbstractApplicationContext API- when do we use these APIs and how do they work
  • How do we get the access to spring container via these APIs
  • getBean Method Mechanisms
  • Config Files for Arrays, List and Map - How are they written and their usage

Training Video - 15

Duration 1 hr 10 mins

P, C Namespace and Bean Scopes

  • P & C Namespace - What are they and their usage
  • Adding p and c namespace and xsd as part of configuration file
  • p-namespace an alternative to setter based dependency injection - if yes how does it work
  • c-namespace an alternative to constructor based dependency injection - if yes how does it work
  • Bean Scope - Different Bean Scopes and Usage and default Bean Scope
  • Singleton, Prototype, Request, Session and Global Session Bean Scopes and Usage

Training Video - 16

Duration 1 hr 20 mins

Bean Life Cycle and Bean Inheritance

  • Bean Life Cycle - Stages
  • InitializingBean and DisposableBean Interfaces - destroy and afterPropertiesSet methods - how do they work and when do we use them?
  • Attributes like init-method, default-init-method, destroy-method and default-destroy-method as part of bean declaration
  • @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy annotation - relationship with InitializingBean and DisposableBean interfaces as part of bean life cycle
  • Bean Inheritance - How does it work?
  • Attributes like parent and abstract in bean configuration file - Usage and Implementation

Training Video - 17

Duration 1 hr

Bean Post Processors

  • BeanPostProcessor interface - Methods and Usage
  • BeanPostProcessor interface implementation in overall bean definition life cycle
  • postProcessBeforeInitialization and postProcessAfterInitialization Methods - Methods and Usage
  • InitializingBean, DisposableBean and BeanPostProcessor interfaces - Methods and Usage
  • PriorityBean Interface - Methods and Usage

Training Video - 18

Duration 1 hr 10 mins

Autowiring and @Autowired Annotation

  • Autowiring - What is it and how it is done?
  • How do we autowire fields, methods and constructor as part of spring framework based project?
  • What is autowire byName, byType and by constructor?
  • What does fields like default-autowire, default-autowire-candidates and autowire mean as part of spring bean xml configuration fiile?
  • What does annotations like @Autowired and @Qualifier mean as part of spring framework based project?
  • What does context:annotation:config attribute do as part of spring bean xml based configuration file and why and when do we define this attribute as part of spring bean xml configuration file?

Training Video - 19

Duration 1 hr 20 mins

XML-Based Configuration Annotations and JSR(Java Specification Request) Annotations 250 and 330

  • @Configuration Annotation
  • @Bean Annotation
  • @PreDestroy and @PostConstruct Annotation
  • @ComponentScan Annotation
  • @Component Annotation
  • @PropertySource Annotation

Training Video - 20

Duration 1 hr 30 mins

Spring MVC Exception Handling Techniques – @ControllerAdvice, @ExceptionHandler Annotations and HandlerExceptionResolver API - JSON Conversion

  • Spring Framework Exception Handling Mechanisms - How particular or global exceptions are caught or handled in any web framework based project?
  • Maven Dependencies Jar Files Required for @ControllerAdvice, @ExceptionHandler annotation and HandlerExceptionResolver API. If yes, what are they and what versions to use?
  • If we want to extract exception messages, exception thrown by URL or the type of exception as part of JSON file, how do we do that?
  • If JSON file needs to be extracted, what all jar files are required to be added as part of pom.xml file. If yes, what are they?
  • What are JSON Message Converters and how are they configured as part of servlet context xml file?
  • What does @ControllerAdvice annotation do, where do we configure this annotation and how this annotation works in exception handling of spring framework project?
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JDBCTemplate, Spring Security, Spring JNDI, Form Validation Concepts and Transaction Management

Training Video - 21

Duration 2 hour 30 mins

Spring MVC Form Validators - Using Annotations and Using APIs

  • BindingResult API, @InitBinder and @ModelAttribute Annotation
  • @Size, @NotEmpty, @Email, @Min, @Max, @NotNull, @DateTimeFormat and @Past Annotations
  • @Documented, @Constraint, @Target, @Retention and @interface Annotations and ValidationUtils API
  • How every kind of validations like name, email, age, gender, birthday and phone number are made on a page using API provided by spring or external frameworks?
  • How all these validations are done on a page using annotations provided by spring or external frameworks?
  • How do we write Controller classes for validating data on forms and with what business logic?

Training Video - 22

Duration 1 hr 10 mins

JdbcTemplate API, RowMapper, DataSource and DataSourceDriverManager

  • JdbcTemplate API
  • RowMapper API and mapRow Method
  • Spring JDBC Maven Dependencies to Execute JDBC Projects and ojdbc6 or ojdbc14 jar files
  • DataSource and DriverManagerDataSource API
  • Java Configurations to replace xml based configurations
  • Update, Delete, Select, GetAll, Find Unique Record in Database Using Spring Code

Training Video - 23

Duration 1 hr 20 mins

JNDI Based Concepts

  • What is JNDI and when it is used?
  • SecurityConfig, WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter and configure method
  • Context, InitialContext and DataSource
  • SecurityWebApplicationInitializer and AbstractSecurityWebApplicationInitializer API
  • property="principal.authorities", name="${_csrf.parameterName}" and value="${_csrf.token} to saving userInfo
  • JSON Output

Training Video - 24

Duration 1 hr 20 mins

Spring Security Concepts

  • Spring Security or Login Based App or Role based Access on certain functionality - How it is implemented in web project
  • Security based jar/artifact ids required as part of POM
  • WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter API, HttpSecurity API, authorizeRequests() and configure method
  • AuthenticationManagerBuilder API, inMemoryAuthentication() method, withUser() method, password() and authorities() methods
  • AbstractSecurityWebApplicationInitializer API and AbstractAnnotationConfigDispatcherServletInitializer API and thier methods- replacement of root-context.xml and web.xml file
  • @EnableWebSecurity, @Controller, @EnableWebMvc, @Configuration, @ComponentScan, @Bean and @Import Annotations

Training Video - 25

Duration 1 hr

Spring Security Implementation Using Configurations

  • UserDetailsService Interface
  • loadUserByUsername Method
  • getAuthorities() Method
  • /j_spring_security_check and /j_spring_security_logout urls
  • JndiObjectFactoryBean and properties
  • DriverManagerDataSource to set configurations
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Training Video - 26

Duration 1 hr 20 mins

Spring Transaction Management

  • @Transactional Annotation
  • spring-tx jar to setup Transactions as part of projects
  • DataSourceTransactionManager API to set up transactions and transaction-manager attribute
  • How to provide DriverManagerDataSource(dataSource) to DataSourceTransactionManager to post transactions in database
  • CRUD operations as part of database
  • Entire end to end Project Execution

RestTemplate, RestController(Rest WebServices) and Spring AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming)

Training Video - 27

Duration 1 hr 25 mins


  • Rest Calls with external systems with URLs and URI
  • RestTemplate API - getForObject and postForObject methods
  • URI Constants Setup, Controllers for the URIs
  • jackson-databind API - json output, @JsonSerialize Annotation and RequestMappingHandlerAdapter and MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter for JSON messages to post and fetch
  • Project Execution

Training Video - 28

Duration 1 hr 15 mins

@RestController to test Rest Calls Using Advanced Rest Client

  • @RestController Annotation
  • @XmlRootElement Annotation
  • @Repository Annotation
  • @GetMapping, @PostMapping and @DeleteMapping Annotations
  • MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter and Jaxb2RootElementHttpMessageConverter APIs
  • jackson-databind, javax.activation-api, jaxb-api and jaxb-runtime artifact Id/jar files

Training Video - 29

Duration 1 hr 40 mins

Aspect Oriented Programming

  • AOP Overview, Definition and Explanation
  • @Aspect Annotation
  • @After Annotation
  • @AfterThrowing Annotation
  • @AfterReturning Annotation
  • @Before Annotation

Spring Boot Concepts

Training Video - 30

Duration 1 hr 20 mins

Spring Boot Concepts

  • Why Spring Boot?
  • How Spring Boot Works?
  • Creation of RESTful Web Service with Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot Jar Files - pom xml set up for Spring Boot
  • @SpringBootApplication Annotation and SpringApplication API
  • Application properties setup including server side specifications

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